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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Praise for Rob Copeland's photography.

        "When an image jumps in my face and says see me by its
          presence, that is also not flash, by the power of it's 
          presence I call it art. [Copeland's] images have visual 
          power for me. I feel them."

                                — T.J. Worthington, (Allegheny County, NC)

        "Your photos amaze me, Rob. Your discerning eye 
          captures beauty and wonder in the most ordinary of
          surroundings. Manhole covers, mud puddles, or light
          interacting with reflective surfaces strut their alter egos
          for you. The rest of us never imagine the world we are
          missing as we trudge our weary way."
                  — Gene Harrington, master photographer (Chester, VA)
       "'Like' does not adequately convey my reaction to these
         photos. Damn, I love this."

                            — Dave Kallman, journalist (Milwaukee)

        "Rob you have a great eye and you're a great 
         photographer. Those pictures are wonderful. I've been to
         New York many, many times and some of the photos
         take me back to places I've been and seen. Keep up the 
         great work."
                              — Ron Kendrick, television sports anchor (Daytona Beach, FL) 
"There are so many amazing pieces here, what an eye you have!"
                  — Lily Elizabeth Visser, artist (Huayan, China)
 "You are quite the artist."
                  — Lewis Frank, journalist and author (Charlotte, NC)