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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Reflections of Provincetown (2019)

I have never felt more freedom as a photographer than the five days I visited Provincetown, Massachusetts in August. It was my first real vacation in 19 years. The sword of Damocles had been lifted. There was no pressure to do or be anything. I was free to explore and pursue the beautiful art of a magical place that I knew, when I left New York City, would be there ... hidden in plain sight. - R

Dockside, MacMillan Pier

Provincetown Marina

Sea to Land, Provincetown

"Miss Lilly," Provincetown

Pier Dance, MacMillan Pier

East End, Commercial Street

Walkway, Commercial Street

Port/Starboard, Provincetown Marina

MacMillan Pier

Provincetown Harbor

Bowing Out, Provincetown Marina

True Colors, MacMillan Pier

Fast Ferry, Boston Harbor

Midnight Blue, MacMillan Pier


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hidden in Plain Sight: New York's Secret Art

The following collection of abstract and reflection photographs are the work of New York-based photographic artist Rob Copeland and represent some of his works created between 2016-2018. They are only edited for cropping and fine-tuning using a rudimentary editing application and are not the product of Photoshop, LightRoom or any other more sophisticated app. What you see here is what I saw when capturing and editing them. I hope you enjoy them. - Rob

Woolworth Building

Chelsea Market

Madison Square Garden

Sixth Avenue, Manhattan

Broadway Theater District

Foley Square

Columbia University

Avenue of the Americas

Fifth Avenue uptown

Central Park

Fifty-seventh Street

Fourteenth Street

East 57th Street

Frederick Douglass Circle, Harlem


North Woods, Central Park

Rockefeller Center

Thirty-fourth Street

Columbus Circle

Tenth Avenue, Chelsea


Centre Street, Manhattan

The High Line

East 42nd Street

Fifth Avenue downtown

Meatpacking District

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New York Snowscapes (2017)

     My partner, Shane Bozenski, loved snow and Christmas more than anything. We used to walk to Central Park or Morningside Park (where these images were captured) at night -- as soon as there was enough accumulation -- and play in the snow ... have snowball fights and make snow angels. It was a rare thing for Shane to reveal the big kid inside him, but snow was always such an occasion until he was no longer well enough. Few things ever made me happier than watching him drop his guard and show the joy he felt. These images were captured on the night of December 9, 2017, and I dedicate them with all my heart to Eric Shane Bozenski (September 11, 1972 - November 21, 2017).

"A Better Place"

The images in this series are available for sale as limited editions. To learn more about formats, specs and prices, email All images copyright Rob Copeland Photography. All rights reserved.