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Friday, September 27, 2013

New York City Scenes, 2013.

More praise from TJ Worthington.

I predict, as a prophet without credibility, as soon as your first show opens, your pictures will be known all over the city in the photography world. You will have your place that is particularly your own like Sally Mann's images are her own. Yours are so distinctively your own that the images themselves will be your name, like a Picasso, Monet, Warhol. I don't mean for this to go to your head before it's time, but you have a place in American photography / NYC photography already; it's just that we are the only ones that know it. Your fan base has begun and you haven't had a show yet. First show will grow your fan base remarkably. I LOVE that picture of the bicycle and rider floating in air. It's unforgettable. This is something else about your images. They're unforgettable. Friends here who are seeing the pics on facebook are asking about you, exclaiming about beautiful. They love it when I say you're a Virginia Reb and use a cell phone like theirs. Your images will make fabulous Moma postcards on the rack with Stieglitz et al. I'm not exaggerating anything. This is now what I see. I'm not psychic. I see it rationally, visually, artistically. You are making art.